* Australian owned and made bridal jewellery and hair fashion accessories for weddings, events and everyday wear.

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Australian YJ Design offers exquisite jewellery & hair fashion accessories for weddings, bridal parties and everyday wear as well as unique collectible vintage jewellery, upcycled accessories & DIY craft supplies. Find a variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, tiaras, headbands, fascinators, crystal hair accessories, gemstone pieces & fine jewellery made of sterling silver, vermeil & rose gold.

Bridal Earrings
Clip Bridal Earrings
Bridal Necklace
Bridal Bracelet
Bridal Jewelry Set
Bridal Brooch
Bridal Tiara
Bridal Headband
Bridal Hair Comb
Bridal Hair Clip
Bridal Hair Pin
Bridal Fascinators Veils
Blue Jewelry
Teal Blue Green Jewelry
Green Jewelry
Purple Jewelry
Red Pink Jewelry
Orange Brown Jewelry
Black Grey Jewelry
Vintage Hair Clips
Sterling Silver Earrings
Sterling Silver Necklace
Sterling Silver Jewelry Set
Sterling Silver Chain
Gold Filled Chain
Gold Filled Necklace